How I can create Question with answer as number in range


Please can anybody advice on the following. I want to create a question , in which the right answer is number in range.

E.g., Question :" What is the age of the child before school?"

And the right answer is any number between 0 and 6.

How can I perform it in H5P?


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Hi Maria,

You can use Fill in the Blanks for this type of activity. I prepared a sample content using your example above. Feel free to download content so that you can check how I created it.




Thank you for the quick answer. But I supposed something else - how I can define range in the answer :0 - 6 ?

I need that answer "5.5" or "4.2"  or "3.25" will be also valid answer. 

Do you have any idea how to perform it in H5P ?


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Hi Maria! 

I had written the code, but I closed the pull-request after it had not received any attention for over two years (



Hi Oliver, thank you for the answer !
Strange that it didnt get attention, it is very useful feature for physics or mathematics tasks.

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Since it has been a few years that this question was asked, I wonder if there has been a recent solution. I would like to create a question with an answer that falls within a range. For example, if the correct answer is somewhere between 5 and 10, a student who enters 6.75 would have a correct answer, regardless of how many decimal places they go. I know we could use *5/6/7/8/9/10* if restricted to a whole number. However, this is not practical with answers that are not whole numbers. Really appreciate your help!

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Hi Reggie,

Unfortunately there are no progress with this feature.