H5P standard

I've played around with the standard a bit (used the Drupal 6 module for testing) and am very impressed. You guys did an awesome job.

I have some questions/thoughts.

# Namespacing
Is there a particular reason to force packages to be namespaced with H5P ? It could be interesting to allow namespaces specific for "vendors" (or clients, if you will). This will reduce the chance of conflicts, as H5P will quickly get full.

# API functions
The API documentation states that we can use functions named setUserData, getUserData, etc. These are not implemented (maybe because of Drupal). When will this be ready ? Have you thought about *how* you will implement this ? Like a standard REST server interface (letting the actual implementation do the routing - using configurable route prefixes) ?

# How to discuss development
Do you guys have an IRC channel ? Can we use this forum ? An issue queue ?

I stored my fooling-around with H5P here, if anyone is interested: https://github.com/wadmiraal/h5p-playground

Oh yeah, forgot to mention this last point: the library/semantics.json allows you to set default values. These get picked up in the editor fields (and, if you save the form, will get stored), but will not get passed to the package library the first time the h5p is included on the page. The package will only receive the values from content/content.json.

It would be great to merge these, as the library will expect the values to be present.

Hi, thank you for your comments, questions and great feedback. I'll try to answer your questions:

  1. You may use other namespaces than H5P in your libraries IIRC.
  2. We will be implementing the user data functions this month. We just started to work with them. The different CMS's will probably have to implement a REST interface yes.
  3. We will be using this forum and github for discussions. This forum will be improved with better notifications and more. I actually didn't get a notification of your posts here...
  4. We're aware of the default value issue. It will be handled but it isn't included in our current sprint(we use Scrum)