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Hi i'm using the interactive content in Drupal and it works for me really well but i need to include on a question set an open question next to multichoise questions. But the probles is that you don't have the open question option, so is it possible to create this option or what can i do?

Also i have this notice :Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() en H5PExport::populateFileList() (línea 1558 de /var/www/vhosts/ What is that? How can i fix it?

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Great to hear you like the interactive video content type. 

Could you please describe in detail what you mean by an "open question"?

Also, could you please report the the warning message as an issue on, then we will handle it from there :) 


I also would like to use this option as well.  That is to be able to ask a question.  The learner is given a box to type in their response, once they submit they  then check this against an 'expert' response.  Its useful for reflective type questions where the learner can compare their response against what the teacher may have provided in a classroom setting.

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Good idea. This isn't on our todo list yet, but it might end up there. If you have developer resources available or funding let us know and we'll help you to create and contribute this content type to the H5P community

Hi @katejurd

You might be able to do a work around by using the 'Feedback 'text' box under 'Settings and text', see screen grab below. If you set up you question as a 'fill in the blanks' and then type yoru feedback text from the 'expert' into the feedback box it might work from a reflective perspective. Take care using this question type as end users have a tendancy to spell things different or use a different word from the one you intended. Hope this helps.

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I have a similar need, and also wanted to learn how to create custom content types, so I have started work on an H5P.EssayQuestion library. It's still very basic, and it depends on the host platform supporting H5P's xAPI events (as far as I know, H5P has no built-in way to store the responses its self).

I am sure I've got a few things wrong, but it's in github here. Comments are more than welcome!

First on the TODO list is making it so that, after submission, the user is presented with a confirmation screen (currently the xAPI event fires, but nothing changes in the interface). It would also be great if the user was presented with an `Edit` button thereafter, which allow for altering and re-submitting the text.

I'd also like to make the text input a ckedit WYSIWYG interface instead of a plain text box, but I'm unclear how to do that. Does anyone have advice?

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Cool! I had a look in github, and it is looking good. Left a couple of comments.

We do not have any examples of using ckeditor for the end user in H5P, only in the authoring tool. I think I would consider adding the CKEditor as a separate H5P library, add a dependency to it and use it the "normal way". The alternative would be to use the version in the authoring tool, but it might be moved or changed making your library stop working.

Would be cool to see you in gitter by the way. There are normally people there on weekdays from 9 - 16 CET at least.

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Thanks for the comments you left in github. I've responded to each of them, in case github doesn't send notifications for that sort of thing (oddly, I got an email but nothing in my github inbox about it). 

I've also joined your Gitter room, though I only work for Tunapanda (the nonprofit running my project-- I believe you've talked to my colleague Micke about our xapi wordpress plugin) once a week, so unfortunately my availability is limited. Feel free to say hi if you see me online, though. :)

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Great to see you on gitter. We will promote the room in the next newsletter, hopefully more people will stop by. I've read you comments on the repository as well. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with the next steps there.

It would not make sense for H5P to store the xAPI statements. They are sent to a Learning Record Store (LRS). An LRS is designed to hold lots of data (big data architectures and capacities) and can accept data streams from many sources concurrently. Because of the standardization of the formatting of the xAPI statements, you can then apply a suite of LRS analytic tools to this accumulated data. 


Is it possible to put different types of content together in a slider? For example, students first use the dialogue cards to learn, then flashcards to practice, then quiz to test. All in one sequence of activities, rather than leaving one step and navigating to the next. Kind of like the current timeline slider but with activities. Is this possible? 



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For others reading this, this has been answered in a separate thread