New LMS or publishing platform error

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Good day,

We are using within our Canvas LMS and one of our users is currently encountering the attached error message whenever she tries to view any H5P activities. The specific user also was not able to receive any confirmation code as specified in the error message. We have yet to encounter this error message with any other user. I've even set the activity privacy to public so that anyone outside can see these activities if they're given links to them. Would appreciate your help on this. Thanks!

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Mark Carandang
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University of Adelaide

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Hi Mark,

This happens when a user visits h5p through LTI and the user's email is already connected to another user ID (on Typically this will happen if several LMSes with LTI are in use.


I am a librarian, i went to look at a unit site (LMS) and see the content a unit chair had created in my browser (Firefox), and got the same error and no email with a code...

i checked and and our old h5p server and was not logged into any of them.

I tried Chrome (my back up browser) which i never log into anything with and still had the same problem.

I cleared the cache in firefox and still had the same error.

If i click on the "resend" link within the error message, which is actually a link to the H5P resource I can see the resource on the H5p server no problem. 

so it's odd to me that my colleague librarian can see the H5Ps no problem in the LMS but I cannot.


i am getting the same error. I visit a lecturers site to look at their LMS, i cant see the H5P's but my colleague (who is visiting for the first time, like me) can.

I have checked all the H5p servers and dont seem to be logged in, i tried a different browser and i tried clearing the cache of my browser.. no effect.


i can see the H5P made using the resend link in the error which actually is a link to the H5P activity... i can see it no problems ifi follow that link in a new window, but i cannot see it within the LMS....


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Hi lu77,

I think you should reach out to SinTie so that she can reach out directly to support.