Exporting H5P files

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Hi there,

I have been developing a range of interactiions as part of a project at an Australian University. I think it is a great tool and in most cases easy to use.  I plan on training some academic staff in how to use it.

I work as a consultant so when the project is over I will lose access to these interactions when my university account ceases. I can see how to download an existing file in my univeristy account but I cannot see any option to import the file into a new installation of H5P.  Am I missing something?

Cheers Lilian


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Hi Lilian,

I'm glad you like H5P and find it easy to use in most cases. We want it to be easy to use in all cases off course, so a list of things we can improve to make it easier to use would be greatly appreciated!

In both Drupal and WordPress you upload in the same form that you use to create content. In WordPress the radiobuttons for switching between upload and create are to the right, in Drupal it is above the content type selector in most themes.

Hope this helps!