Inconsistency in providing answers in Drag & drop

For some reason H5P drag & drop is inconsistent in providing answers.

Specifically: right answers are judged as being incorrect (which sort of spoils the whole thing), while the next time you perform exactly the same exercise they are considered to be correct. (The programming is done correctly.)

Any body any clue how one thing can be incorrect and then correct the next time? Any clue or guess would be appreciated, I just can't find a pattern in it.

Please see the screenshot, with something being judged incorrect and on the next screenshot it is correct (with no alterations in the programming in between).

Thanks for any help.


PS: It is a WP-site and this problem occurs on all devices.



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Hi Roy,

Would you mind attaching a sample content that is having this problem. Drag and Drop is one of the most complicated if not the most complicated content type in terms of scoring and there usually is a need to have the actual content to see where the problem is. Candidly I tried reproducing the issue and the test content I was playing with behaves as expected.


Hi BV,

Thanks for looking into this. I have attached the H5P-file.

For testing purposes I have set 'Dropzone highlighting' to 'When dragging'. Although this spoils the exercise (makes it really simple anyway), you can now see which are the areas where a specific item can be dragged to. So it's easier to see if upon Check things are marked correctly. In my experience they sometimes are and sometimes are not. I don't see a pattern, despite of all the hours I struggled with this bug.

You will see that apart from the correct answer(s), there are also two rectangular shapes that allow users to temporarily place an item as they are organizing the sentences (both sent to the back). These are not marked as correct answer. Although this has nothing to do with the bugs that I describe maybe the overall complexity of my D&d exercise, including dropzones on top of each other, is somehow too much, what do you think?

There are in fact more issues: that upon changing something in the exercise (moving a dropzone for instance) also something else changes (such as the allowed dropzones for certain items). I would then have to check and correct them all once again. I can live with that, as long as the outcome is good, so I have not described this issue. But in fact the outcome is also not good... :-(

If you think it is the overall complexity, then I can of course make the exercise more simple, but it would also have less value for me then.




An additional remark, after some more testing:

Yes, a simpler one works better. If I leave out the two rectangular shapes that I use as 'parking zones', then it works better. But the exercise is now really too simple for my purpose.

Also the Check button doesn't really have a function anymore. Anything dragged to an incorrect spot is immediately dragged back. With everything in place, Check will always provide the max number of points.

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Hi Roy,

Thank you for the sample content.

The "parking" drop zones are interfering with the how the content is marking the answers. Drag and Drop was not designed to have 2 drop zones overlapping each other. The positions (front/back) is intended to have the flexibility of having static images/text on top or behind a drop zone or draggable. If the intention of having the "parking" drop zones is to let users have an option to temporarily place the draggables in the drop zones and change their positions if they think there is a better order then you can simply set all draggables can be dropped to all drop zones. To better explain this I edited your content and you can access it here. If this will work for you, I suggest that you double check all the draggables so that they can be dropped on all the drop zones. I would also suggest that you check the drop zones to make sure that only the correct draggable is selected as I may have accidentally changed one and I'm not familiar with which is the correct/incorrect answers.


Thanks so much.

I have combined your solution with something that I came up in the mean time, to have parking zones only on the right side, outside of the pyramid.

Anyway, no more overlapping drop zones, that does the trick.


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Hi Roy,

I'm glad you managed to solve your problem. However, I have downloaded your "take-the-bike-to-work for Forum" H5P D & D activity and, like BV wrote " I'm not familiar with which is the correct/incorrect answers." I have no idea how the end-user can find the "correct" answers! Could you please explain?

hi Papi Jo,

it is really a work in progress, to eventually end up in a course that starts with some theory...