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I am using Moodle 3.8 and using the H5P plugin in the platform.

Here, I tried to use the basic editor for the content but it is not giving the desired result. I am facing the following challenges. 

  • Normal Paragraphs: Often the spans are added, on which there is no control of the person to manage them. 
  • Tables: I tried to use the tables from the H5P option, but they are not giving a better design, width, fonts as per the site. I am having the HTML codes ready with table ID and class, but there is no option available there.
  • SVG: I tried to use the PNG uploading the image, but the quality is not good. So tried to use SVG, but they are not acceptable. Then I made an effort in which I tried to convert my HTML and replacing them as per the format required in the H5P content in the database table. They are giving good output but then the page is not fully loaded. Besides, if they are being edited from the front end, then all the tables and images are disappeared.
  • DIV: I am having DIVs in which I am having my content designed as per the site design. But there is no option to add them. They are being added nicely in the database manually.

The default Moodle text editor is having the option to paste the HTML. But such kind of solution is not being seen in the H5P. By adding the data in the database, it works nicely then it should also be able to be added from the front end as well.

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I believe it's not a technical restriction, but there was a deliberate choice to limit the options in order to keep the user interface simpler.



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Hi siddharth013,

It's not clear from your post which H5P activity you are talking about. Can you please be more specific?