H5P with ReactJS


How can I add h5p into my platform builded with ReactJS?

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Hi ellismarjr!

Have you tried the node.js port of H5P core at https://github.com/Lumieducation/H5P-Nodejs-library ? If that does not suit your needs, you'll probably have to write your own integration, cmp. https://h5p.org/creating-your-own-h5p-plugin





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Hi all,

h5p-nodejs-library is generally compatible with a React frontend. I do have a working demonstrator showing how the library can be used in a SPA with React, but we can't publish it yet. I hope it will be publicly available soon (end of the year). The general idea is to replace the server side rendering functions with functions that simply return the plain objects, which are returned by a REST backend.

As React is frontend technology, it depends on the backend technology, whether h5p-nodejs-library is right for you.