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In the examples there is a H5P iFrame Embedder. I can't find the tool in the content creation tool.

Is it possible to get acces to the iFrame tool as well?

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Hi there!

I'm having the same problem, hope it can be fixed soon! :-).



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Hi Dennis and Douwe,

I apologize we are removing support for this content type. All references to it will be removed but the libraries are still available so that previously created contents will still work.


Why was this removed?


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Hi Ryan,

Iframe Embedder was removed because it is unresponsive and it is not accessible. 


I've just used iFrame embedder to display my custom interactive page hoping that there is an API available so I can send the score to the Gradebook. Is there any better to do that? My interactive page is very customised, with simulations/animations as well as problems to solve.

Dan K

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Hi Dan K,

Embedding a content using an Iframe will not pass the xAPI statement to the parent frame. This thread gives some tips on how to accomplish this.


Hi BV52,

Thanks for replying. But I can't access the thread link you give ("You are not authorized to access this page"). 
Any other link I can have a look?

Dan K

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Hi Dan K,

Sorry I pasted the wrong link. Below is the correct one:


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I was quite upset to see your comment re: removal of this tool. I use it quite a lot to enable consistency of presentation. For example, to embed Geogebra or Numbas activities within a Column layout.

We have to acknowledge that H5P cannot do everything and the loss of any of the tools in the H5P library is a serious loss.

 Example here


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Hi SparTacuS,

The libraries are still active so I suppose editing would be possible I haven't tried but it maybe possible to still copy/paste the iframe embedder.


Hi BV52
Is it possible to edit my own H5p library or retrieved an older version of it to get the iframe embedded working? 
Do you know when/ which version was the embed option removed? I would like to use it on other sites/platform without wp or wordrpess, like google classroom or others.

Hello SparTacus,

i am searching for a way to embed GeoGebra into h5p.

Did you find any practical way of doing so since iframe embedder is removed?

Did you switch to another virtual learning enviroment?

Greetings NLudwig


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Related to this, I appear to be able to embed a YouTube video via the <> button (in the editing menu) for a variety of question options (e.g. multiple choice).  The video appears to embed in the editing window, but when I save, the video disappears and I'm left with a grey box where the video once was.  I made a series of screenshots attached here.