xAPI supported content types



I have found this and wonder if there is any update on the list https://h5p.org/documentation/x-api? There don't seem to be many content types. 

I am sorry to ask here because I cannot comment on that document page. Even if after I logged in, when I clicked on documentation, I don't have the login status, just a visitor. 

Appreciate any update provided. 

Best regards,


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Hi Pagna,

I do not keep a complete list but off the top off my head this should include the following:

  • Branching Scenario
  • Interactive Book
  • Column

I've also requested for the H5P core team to update the list.

PS. It's better to post in the forums compared to the documentation pages. The forums have more traffic and you can also attach files if needed.


Hi BV,

Thank you for your reply. Could you confirm if Advanced Fill in the Blanks is also in the list?


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Hi Pagna!

You can check that yourself quite easily (to some degree). At the bottom of the each example page, there's a link to the source code. It's usually on github providing you with a search feature within the code. If you search for xAPI and hit something, that should mean that the content type supports at least some xAPI verbs.


Hi Otacke, 

Thank you for the response. I will check.