Order/sequence sentences

Perhaps I've missed something but can't seem to find anything that will allow putting sentences into a correct order.

e.g. how to roast a chicken (for example)

I can find drag and drop ordering/sequencing for images but not for text.

Any suggestions?

Manyt thanks.


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Hi iw_admin,

There is no exact content that will let you do this but you can use Drag N' Drop as a substitute. I've prepared a simple content that better demonstrate how this can be  achieved. Feel free to download it and use it as a template.


Hello again BV52,

Many thanks for this and your quick reply.

As you no doubt know, there are several limitations with that option. Not least of all being the time required to make them.

Any update on the Drag Lines idea, would you know?



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Hi iw_admin,

Yes you are correct. There is actually a task to expand the Drag the Words content to accomodate sentences. The activity that you are thinking should fit right into the changes.


I wonder if there is some progress on the order/sequence of sentences as mentioned in HFP-1598

The ability to drag sentences is a very common task used to foster procedural knowledge: Order the different steps/phases of a complex procedure.

The workaround with "Drag N Drop" is nice and I have used it.

But it has two big limitations:

  • Developing a task is very cumbersome. 
  • More important: There is no variety in the order of placeholders and sentences, e.g. they do not mix up with a new trial.

 What can be done to improve the priority of this kind of exercise (I am not a programmer)?

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Hi Petzi,

I'm afraid there is no movement yet on this issue. If you read through the comments of the ticket the core changed the report from a bug into a feature request since Drag the Words was never meant to be used as "Drag the Sentence".

The best course of action is either someone from the community decides to create the feature or you can pull resources to fund for its development.


I just wanted to mention that I used to use Summary as a workaround for the order of sentences.  See the example here.

But this workaround is not necessary anymore as Oliver Tacke has developed a new content type Sort the Paragraphs