randomized answers in m/c question set

I am finding some unusual behaviour with question sets using multiple choice questions. I created the question set on a local installation of moodle and then uploaded the h5p files to a moodlecloud installation

To begin with, on the local installation, I have four questions and have the randomize answers box unticked for all four questions. However, when working through the four questions the first question always has the answers in the order in which I put them but for the remaining three questions the answers are still randomized. I cannot be 100% sure but I think this is because when I first created the questions for the last three I forgot to untick the box. This suggests that going back into the editor, unticking the three boxes and resaving, had no effect on this setting.

Somewhat more puzzling I duplicated the activity in the standard moodle way (on the course page) and so should now have two identical activities. However, the new activity behaves correctly and the answers for all four questions are not randomized. Weirdly, I now go back to the first instance of the question set and it is behaving correctly. 

Both files had been uploaded to MoodleCloud and as expected the first randomized the last three questions and the second didn't.

I'm guessing there is some kind of caching issue at work here. Very puzzling.

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Hi cfp,

Your guess is as good as mine. It could be caching issue, connection or server issue. I tried reproducing this (saving initially to randomize then editing the content) but I am unable to do so, I guess this is because I'm using a local installation without uploading anything into the web.


Thanks for trying. I've just tried to reproduce the problem today....and can't. Oh well. A mystery. I do see that at least one other person has had some kind of issue with randomising of answers ( https://h5p.org/node/672827 )

I am beginning to wonder if it was because I was using the textual editor rather than the default editor for inputting the questions. It isn't quite the same as the problem I had yesterday but if I create a set of questions by pasting into the textual editor and then save without first going into the default editor the answers don't randomize, if I then go into edit settings (I'm using Moodle) don't change anything at all but resave the answers now randomize. I also noted that one of the supposed questions was missing I was pasting in four questions but only three appeared in the quiz. If I went back into the text editor and repasted the original text and resaved I now had four questions. Anyway, thanks again.