Good day, 

I pressed the active surface mode under course presentation to see what would happen and now it's not clicking to get it off. It's all greyed out. How would this problem be fixed?

The issue is seen in the screen shot below. 


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Hi AnnabelleEllis,

I'm afraid this cannot be turned-off.


The following steps might help (it worked in my case):

1. Download your h5p content
2. Change .h5p extension to .zip
3. Open the zip file with 7-zip or WinRAR
4. Open content.json (inside Content folder) with Notepad (or other text editor)
5. Find "activeSurface" in the json file (Ctrl+F to find)
6. Change "activeSurface":true to "activeSurface":false
7. Save the json file (Ctrl + S)
8. Confirm to save changes to the package
9. Change .zip extension back to .h5p
10. Re-upload the .h5p file to the H5P editor

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Hi sokunthearithmakara,

Thank you for the tip!