Sound of wrong and correct answers

do only memory game have an audio / sound if you got the correct answer? do flash cards and other can have it? 

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Hi foodshap

Single Choice also have sounds for correct/wrong answers. Most content types doesn't have this feature.


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Dear BV52,


Wouldn't it be helpful, if the sound feature is incorporated into more content types? Or is ths already work in progress?


Kind regards,



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Hi Arman,

I totally agree that it will be helpful. However I'm afraid no one has created the code for this to work (at least not from the H5P core team).


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Well ... Can't say more unfortunately ...

Hi, I’m new to WP and know very little about WP and HTML. I am creating a site for learning English and want to use h5p tp make interactive activities where users click on a button and randomly hear one or the other of a pair of words (e.g. chair / share). They will then have to click on a button for chair or for share, depending on which word they think they have heard. They will then get a message saying right / wrong. Any tips on how to do this?



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Hi Smitty,

There is no content type that can specifically do this. However you can use Course Presentation then combine Audio and Single Choice questions in the same slide.