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I'm moving my Wordpress website to a Flask website that I made from scratch. But I want to move my H5P content as well.

How can I show H5P on my Flask website which uses Python language as its backend operations?

I just want to show those contents, I don't need the editor.


Can I just uplaod my content on here, and pull those onto my HTML page? What are the limitations of hosting H5P content on here?

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Hi knayman! is not a platform for hosting at all - but for trying it out as is mentioned all over the place.

If you don't want to have the editor, you'd still have to port the core library to Python ( or possibly port the (outdated) standalone-H5P wrapper at



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I would not recommend re-implementing the core in Python for a single website. This is a massive undertaking! I'd recommend using tunapanda's standalone wrapper. It works fine in most cases