Question Set - Possibility for completion certificate

Firstly, thankyou for this software - it is awesome!

If you currently have a question set activity, you can have a message and video on completion depending on whether you pass or fail.

It would be nice if it were possible to have a certificate of completion after a quiz / question set that people could print out (and prompt them for their name). I can't see that this is currently possible nor requested (I can't see that there is a way to search the forum).


Keep up the good work!

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Great feedback!

This is something that H5P currently doesn't provide on its own, but if you use Drupal for instance you may achieve this using the Certify module and Quiz_h5p. H5P focuses only on the content. Issuing certificates is in the grey area in terms of what I think H5P should do.

Is there anything related to issuing a certificate available in drupal 8?

Just giving you an idea for future implementation

If you make only 1 quiz set with the potential to make a cert at the end, it can solve all these issues with certification.

One can create a whole course full of info, then make only one Quiz set questioning previously given info, which can print a cert at the end.

So once this particular Quiz is successfully finished, then the complete course would be considered completed.

I have not tried it but... if you are using WordPress, there is a plugin called myCred H5P, by myCred, you maybe able to use it to record points to give out Cred.