Scrollbar appearing next to text box where LaTeX is used

Hi there,

Whenever I implement LaTeX in a text box inside a course presentation, that text box always seems to appear with a blue scrollbar situated next to it once editing mode has been exited. Screenshots attached to show you what I mean. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Hi nabsers,

Would you mind attaching a simple sample content.


Here's a really basic one. 

I think I can refine this a bit.  If you use a text box in a course presentation and if you type any inline MathJax E.g. \( x \) , you will get a blue scroll bar, no matter how big the textbox is.  This is the specific problem, and I have confirmed it in all the implementations of H5P that I have access to.

Note: if you type display MathJax  E.g. \[ x \], you do not get any scrollbar. 

Workaround 1 (probably good enough for most purposes): Type a single new line character after the inline math, and the blue scroll bar is gone.  In other words, if you try  "\( x \) <Carriage Return>" the blue scroll bar is gone.

Workaround 2 (crude): Put a gray rectangle to cover up the the blue scrollbar.  If you use RGB(245,245,245), it will match the default background and cover it up.  

Somehow the code that puts the scrollbar in gets confused by inline MathJax.  If someone more knowledgeable about the Textbox scrollbar code would point me in the general direction of where this might be, I would be willing to look at it a little. For those of us who do a lot of math, this behavior is a little annoyance. Probably a small tweak somewhere in the scrollbar code would make it go away.