Restoring files

I have about 50 h5p lessons that I created for use with LearnDash.  They have been very useful. 

Over the Christmas break I completely redid my Wordpress website, using a staging site then moving it into production. The H5P plug in disappeared along with all the content. 

I have reinstalled the plugin and have a back-up of the old website. But I have no clue where to find my H5P content. I did find an H5P folder in Uploads which appeared to have some of my conent so I copied those files into the Uploads folder in my new website, but the plug in doesn't recognize any content.

There must be a way to retireve all my content, but I have no idea how to do so.  I appreciate any guidance. 

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Hi Dennis!

You should find a folder /wp-content/uploads/h5p/exports/ that should provide you with .h5p files. You'll have to upload those via the H5P Hub on your new system. Just copying the files will not be enough as H5P doesn't know about them, needs to validate them, etc.



I've found them. Thank you. Is there a way to upload them all at once. There are only 50 so not the end of the world if I have tp import them one by one. I really appreciate your response, thanks.


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Hi Dennis,

Not 100% sure but Afaik there is no other way but to upload each content.


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No, unfortunately there's not such option. That's something (among other things) that the H5P community could improve for the WordPress plugin.