Agamotto in Interactive book

I'm using the Moodle plugin v1.21 within Moodle 3.7.9.

I've created an interactive book and included an Agamotto.

If the navigation menu on the left of the book is visible, the slider for the Agamotto doesn't work properly - it jumps to the wrong point.

The same thing happens when it is in fullscreen.

If not in fullscreen and the navigation menu is closed, the slider works as expected.

I'm not seeing any console errors or php errors. I'm using Chrome.

Many thanks.

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Hi cberry!

There was a bug in Agamotto that prevented to locate the correct position on the slider when the content was not used standalone. I just fixed it.

Please note, however, that the H5P core team will still need to find time to test and release the update. They are busy finishing the H5P OER Hub. I hope for your patience.

@BV Could you please let Pål know there's the update at


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Hi Oliver,

Thanks! I've informed Pål regarding this.