apostrophe is not correct in the backend, so it is interpreted wrong in moodle app


I'm creating some contents in wordpress 5.4 and moodle 3. No matter what content type I'm using, apostrophe is decoded wrong. for example for "who's this?" it is shown as "who's this?" in the backend. when I publish it, everything is encoded right again and works fine in the browsers. but in moodle mobile app, it can't be interpreted as it was. so the answers are not accepted. this is a big trouble specially in speak the word set. I'm uploading my h5p files to moodle 3.8. I'm using mobile app 3.8 on android.

screenshots are attached.

thank you in advance.

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Hi usyuse!

The problem arises from different symbols that devices use. While on a desktop the regular apostrophe (') is used, iOS by default uses a Left Single Quotation Mark (‘) or a Right Single Quotation Mark (’). There's a fix proposal for Fill-in-the-Blanks, but since this probably affects plenty of content types, the H5P core team will probably have to find a more general solution instead.


He Oliver.

After so many times still no fixes! I'm using almost only H5P contents in my courses and this "apostrophe" has made my moodle mobile app almost useless. In "drag the text" or other content types, moodle mobile app shows "who's this?" in front end and users have to open the content and try it in browser! which has made the use of moodle moble app illogical for the users.

no suggestions?




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Hi Yousef!

I am not sure what you are expecting me to do.