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Im looking for a way to create software simulations. More concretly, I would like to save a video with a xcreen capture, and then be able to set points in that video that will wait for user interaction in order for the video to continue. For instance, if my video has a button somewhere, I want to stop the video and wait for the user to click on the button to move on in the video. Similar to waht articulate do. If h5p doesn´t support this, can someone point me in a direction to other open source or free solution?


thank you!

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H5P atleast partially does this. H5P can stop the video and offer an interaction, and a continue button appears when the interaction is done. However H5P does not restrict the user from pushing the play button when the interaction appears so the user can push play and continue in the movie without answering the question that pops up. H5P will probably support preventing the user from navigating in the future.

I have been using the interactive video for creating software demonstations. I use screencast-o-matic to capture and H5P to edit.

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Aha, so my previous answer probably wasn't of much help :) This is a missing feature in Interactive Video, and I can see that it would be most useful.