H5P offline on a USB stick?

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Before starting I would like to thank you for the great job you are doing by sharing all that HTML5 content.

We work in the IT department of the Ministry of National Education of Senegal and want to develop H5P games for all the teachers. We will propose an online version on a Moodle or Drupal server. By the way which one is the best to host H5P to create the exercices by the teachers?

We are willing to offer the possibility to download the exercises in offline mode because 70% of our schools don't have an internet connexion. We are surching an easy solution like the one offered at Phet website https://phet.colorado.edu/en/offline-access : the H5P game would be downloaded in a simple webpage (or not) by the teacher who created the game and given out to his students on a USB stick or setup on the iT lab computers for an offline use.

Do you think it is possible to developp such an offline solution?

If yes could you give our developper some advice how to start coding your H5P exercices to make them operational offline? 

Thank you for your help.

Christophe Rhein


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Hi Christophe!

Offline support is on the roadmap of the H5P core team, but other things are more highly prioritized. I can think of some other solutions meanwhile.

  • There's an application that can provide H5P content offline, but I have no experience with it whatsoever and can't give support. The application is called Edu-CAP.
  • There's a bootable image of a Linux distribution that will allow you to use a low cost Raspberry Pi as a web host for H5P content based on a WordPress system. That solution would allow you to use H5P in-class without the need for an internet connection. Seems to work well.
  • The latter solution could be cloned so a pen drive could be used to boot a similar system on other devices, so students could take it home and have their own H5P enabled systems. They could download and install new exercises whenever they have an internet connection. There's virtually no coding required, just setting up and sharing an appropriate environment.


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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your quick answers.

I will explore Edu-Cap but the linux distribution is too complicated for the teachers to implement. Most of the students have just a cheap smartphone or just the computer lab.

Maybe we could use our national developer team here to help on the offline support?

All the best


We're interested in an offline feature as wekk,

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Have you tried http://lumi.education ?

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The support for exporting offline files in Lumi is on my roadmap and probably not too difficult to implement. However, there are other parts I'm currently working on that are needed by an institution to use the underlying h5p-nodejs-library. So I will probably come round to doing this during the Christmas break.

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Thanks for the update Sebastian.

The html export is now implemented and available at https://next.Lumi.education

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Hi lipp,

Thank you for update.