Default Text overrides in another language

I have installed H5P on my moodle server, everything is ok. my moodle system have two languages, english and vietnamese. all H5P editor UI and default texts are now in Eng.

How can I configure/translate the texts (I dont really need editor UI, but it also a need in future) to Vietnamese? I dont want my team have to repeatedly entry Vietnamese for text overrides for every h5p content.


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Hi hungpk,

This is not yet possible with current features of H5P. Although there is workaround by creating "template" contents that you can repeatedly copy/paste.



Has this feature been added? Is there a way to do this programatically?


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Hi bez.lashkari,

There is now a drop down menu under Text Override and Translations that automatically translates the texts within the contents. Please note that the languages available depends on tanslations that have been contributed by the H5P community.