Quiz Go/No Go option

Hi Guys

Ive searched around for any previous advice on this -shamefully I suspect my search patterns havent been very accurate.

I am aware that Quizzes can now feature on overal grades within certain LMS's and look forward to that when I start back using an LMS.

My inquiry is:-

(My Inquiry is really centered around using the likes of Presentation, I-book, Column) My knowledge of Branching senario is limited but I realise that I could probably acheive some of the below using that funtionality.

  • Can I stop progress on the content until a % has been achieved in a Quiz?(non by-pass)
  • Additionally can I time out progress for a set period if say a person has failed to meet that % on say 3 attempts?
  • And potentially, force revert the user back to a certain stage of the content in order to re-learn?

Hope that one makes sense? Apologies in advance if the answer is 'Yes' 'read into Behavoiur settings more deeply'


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Hi RufJay,

No need to apologize at least you tried searching first ;-)

Anyway to answer your question this is not possible. The reason behind this is that H5P contents does not compute scores while in progress. There are triggers to when scores are computed and when they will be sent to the host systems grade book/center.

There needs to be some changes within each content type for this to happen.