Please set Example Advent Calendar to 'Design mode'

The Advent Calendar is such a cool idea!  Wish I'd known about it in time to count towards Xmas 2020!  It may also have the potential to create 'Escape Room' type activites and other non-Xmas related purposes.

This isn't quite a bug report.  Just a request to put the Example Advent Calendar here: into 'Design mode' so people can see how it works even when it isn't December.

Thanks so much for creating such interesting tools!


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Hi Rowena,

Not sure what you mean but if you want to try and use the content you can simply download the sample content, upload it using the H5P plugin in Wordpress, Moodle, Drupal and it should install the libraries (you need admin rights for this). Once installed you can create the content from scratch.


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Hi BV!

The problem is that you cannot really see the demo content doing much if it's not in design mode.