Load bookmarks from the youtube chaptering system


In youtube you can create a navigation system from this schema (that you simply type in the description):

00:00] Introduction
[00:15] Date du jour: raccourci et formule
[01:30] Etirer une date
[02:26] Garder l'écart entre deux dates
[04:27] Format date longue / date courte jjj mmmm
[07:41] Listes enregistrées (mois jours)
[10:07] Date d'origine

Is there a way to simply paste what has been done on a youtube video and put it in H5P without having to set the bookmarks again?

Thank you for your help



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Hi François!

Unfortunately that's not possible - YouTube's API that H5P has to use in order to retrieve and play YouTube videos doesn't support a way to retrieve chapter information (https://developers.google.com/youtube/iframe_api_reference).



Hi @otacke

If we can't retrieve the bookmarks from youtube automatically, could there be a way to "paste" the same timecodes in a box to load them in H5P: it would such a time saving instead of redoing it, especially when the vidéo is a long one.

Here is an example:

[00:00] Intro
[01:07] Enregistrement
[01:48] Création de table
[07:56] Remplir les données
[08:44] Listes déroulantes
[10:46] Intégrité référentielle
[14:55] Champs calculés
[13:08] Relations
[17:56] Formulaires
[20:18] Sous Formulaires
[23:53] Édition des formulaires
[24:34] Boutons
[27:10] Macro Formulaire ouvrir en grand
[29:36] Requêtes
[36:15] Requêtes suppressions
[37:16] États
[38:46] États Compte / somme
[39:56] Finaliser listes dans Accueil
[45:42] Mot de la fin


Thanks so much to make it easy for us.


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Hi François,

I'm afraid this is also not possible. There are no mass creation of Bookmarks in Interactive Video.


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Hi all!

That feature doesn't exist yet, but it should not be hard to implement. I.guess it is up to the H5P core team to decide whether that is desirable for the majority of the H5P community.