Interactive Video Skipping Questions

I have interactive videos in my current courses. I have used them before and never had any issues. A student claims the interactive video skipped questions that were built into the video. They seem to think it was because they were on a different screen during the video. I tried this on my computer and this was not the case. The video paused as it should, waiting for me to answer the question and click continue before the video resumed. No questions were skipped. No other students have had this issue. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Trying to determine if it is a glitch, on purpose because they were not paying attention to the video, or even possible to happen at all. 

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Hi madib11516,

I haven't come accross with a similar issue. The most likely reason outside of them not really answering is that they may have accidentallty clicked on "play". To a certain degree you can prevent this by setting something in the "adaptivity" settings. This way students will be forced to answer the questions.