Is there a way to link to a specific date within a timeline?

We'd like to be able to provide a way to have an external link that calls up the page that the timeline is in, and provide a URL argument such that a specific event/date on the timeline opens. Is this possible? for example: would open your demo timeline to the Middle ages item.

Thanks for any help!

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Think you would have to do some coding to make that happen :/

Would it just be a matter of setting in some anchor tags, and then handling them on the GET? I've not delved into the code at all... any hints or tips as to where to begin? :)

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Timeline.js is third party code. I don't have any insight either :/ probably should look for clues on KnightLab's project page.

There is a way so I thought I'd respond so it's in your archives here if anyone else needs this -- each slide in the timeline is numbered by the order in which they are added, and can be reached directly by appending '#<slide_number>' to the timeline URL.

Thanks for your help!

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Great, thank you for sharing!