Changes to Presentation not saved in WordPress

Hi everybody, 

I keep almost randomly losing changes to my presentation when editing a presentation in WordPress. This often happens when I cloned a slide but also when simply making changes to content types used on the presentation. Sometimes it does happen, sometimes saving by using the Update Button works. I have looked through the forum, there are reports of issues like that in 2017 but I can't find anything recent

I am using WordPress 5.6 together with AMPPS 3.9, the H5P PlugIn version is 1.15.0.
No other documentation that I can add because it is not like I get messages that the Update didn't work or similar. Saved work simply disappears!

Any advice would be appreciated, 


Hello Stefan, I'm having the same problem and wondering if you've found a cause/solution. This is getting quite frustrating!

Hello Stefan,

Any luck fixing this? I keep losing changes and it's getting quite frustrating.

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Hi Everyone,

I am unable to reproduce this issue. Would you mind checking if there are any errors in the browser console? Also I suggest that you disable other plugins in the background that may be interferring with H5P.