Development on Wordpress


Anyone else trying to do development on Wordpress? Uploading to the Library doesn't seem to work. The file is accepted, no error message occurs, but the Library file is never added (or if it exists, it never updates to the new patch number).

The only way to devlop on Wordpress appears to be by uploading the entire content type each time. Then you have to delete everything, including the main libary file to upload it again with changes. 

It works, but there seems to be extra steps. Is this how development on Wordpress currently works? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Hi Vegascoop!

There are a couple of threads on that subject already. Developing for H5P on WordPress is not fun for multiple reasons, so although it's strange to install Drupal 7 for developing, I can only recommend that approach.



Ahhh... OK. I will set up Drupal 7 for development. Thanks for confirmig WP is not recommended for development  (at least currently).