Difficulty with loading plugin

Not sure the problem as many appear to install content with little or no trouble. Am running WP on GoDaddy server. But there are NO clear instructions anywhere except the install h5p file at bottom. Whatever I do it will not install. Not as a zip file into WP plugins ( inknow but itried everything) or as a h5p file.



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The latest versions of the WordPress plugin should install the most commonly used H5P content types automatically. Didn't it do so? You could send us login info to your WP admin if you want us to have a look?

I am thinking my install of WP may be part of the issue. I could not get it installed through the plugins page but it did work fine using your ftp instructions. Others issues may be the reason, thank you.

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I see. Sounds like permission problems. WordPress might not be able to write the required files to disk.