Wordpress plugin: image upload error across various activity types

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere on this forum. I've done a little bit of digging through likely looking threads, but couldn't find any posts that addressed my issue, and without a forum-wide search tool, it's hard to find stuff on here.

I have only just discovered H5P. It looks great and I'd really like to use it. I'm pretty tech savvie and clued up with Moodle and Wordpress and other LAMP based platforms, so I can usually troubleshoot things well for myself. However, this has me stumped:


After I got this error with a 1.2MB image, I tried other images (both .jpg and .png), all kinds of sizes down to 16KB. Same story for all attempts. I also tried this on two different Wordpress installations (one of them completely vanilla, just for the sake of testing this) on two different webhosts (just in case one of them had issues). Same result for both hosts. The issue isn't confined to the Flashcard activity either - any image upload fails. 

I should add that media uploads through the native WP uploader (including all those test images) work completely fine, which suggests that this isn't a permissions issue on the directory (both the native WP content upload and the h5p upload directory are a 0755 as they should be).

I am clearly missing something here. But what?

I'd be really grateful for some pointers.

Thanks in advance.

Since posting the above, I've done some more testing, and have managed image uploads in an Incognito browser tab. I'll see if I can figure out which extension(s) is/are causing the problem and update this post accordingly.

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That was strange. Which web server are these sites using? I know we've had similar problems with an uncommon server that I don't remember the name of right now.

Also there will be a search on H5P.org, in the meantime I use Google, it usually is pretty good at finding H5P.org forum threads.


It wasn't down to the server. I use two different very mainstream hosting companies, and their stuff is usually up-to-date.

As I suspected, the problem was caused by a Chrome extension [https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lingualy-practice-a-langu/iilc.... I'm not sure exactly how Lingualy interferes with h5p functionality but with the lingualy extension disabled, h5p image upload works just as expected and shown in the demos. 

I wonder if there are other browser add-ons and extensions that cause similar problems. One to watch out for!

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Ok, thanks a lot for updating. Yes, it is very useful to know about this if other strange bugs appear.