Clickfunnels and H5P

Hello there,

I have a learning course built using Clickfunnels and I am looking to include mini-games inside membership area.

Do you know if I can use H5P with Clickfunnels?

I have a JS/HTML element where I can add code.

I tried to search on Google and inside this forum with no success.

Thank you!

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Hi brunodinale,

You can sign up for and utillize the built-in embed feature of H5P.


Hi BV52,

Sorry to bother you with that but I don't really understand how to use H5P.

I added the code below into the custom "JS/HTML" element and it's working:

<iframe src="" width="1090" height="232" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" allow="geolocation *; microphone *; camera *; midi *; encrypted-media *"></iframe><script src="" charset="UTF-8"></script>

What is exactly a built-in embed feature?

1) You mean I will be able to choose any of the content types (drag and drop, drag the words, fill the blanks, etc.) to build mini-games for my e-learning program?

2) I will work with a teacher who will build all the learning course and the mini-games so I guess I will need to pay 57$ a monh for an unlimited sources of content types, that's right ?

Thank you!

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Hi brunodinale,

The built-in embed feature is the code you just used.

Yes you can use those content types to build your e-learning program.

With regards to pricing it's better to discuss this with the Customer Sucess team of, you can reach out to them by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Just to add to this below are some of the features you will get with an subscription:

  • 24/5 priority support from the H5P Core Team.
  • High-end infrastructure ensuring very high availability & great performance (automatic scaling & fail-overs on almost every component, upgrades with no downtime, automated uptime monitoring on all components that calls us up automatically if anything goes down, CDN etc.).
  • A dedicated team of H5P experts operating the systems.
  • 99.9% SLA.
  • Backups, upgrades, etc. handled by the H5P Core Team.