Bug in Accordion when trying to add a hyperlink

In the dropdown text of an Accordion content type, I'm trying to add a hyperlink. Each time the screen locks up with an opaque white mask. The final output is LTI integrated with Canvas and I've tried both internal to Canvas and our h5p.com instance with no luck. 

Also, trying a workaround by just placing the URL in the text field will not wrap on a mobile display. 

Tested in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on desktop, and Chrome and Safari on mobile (iPhone). Same results regardless of platform or browser.

Is this a known bug and/or is there something I'm doing incorrectly? (screenshots attached of the locked-up screen on desktop and the non-wrapping of the URL in mobile view)

Content types: 
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Hi NuggetHead,

The screen locking up is most likely caused by the link pop-up window not "focused" on your screen:


In the screenshot below you will see the bottom of this link pop-up. You need to scroll up so that you will the pop-up window.


This issue has been reported here.

With regards to the text wrapping, from the tests that I did both plain text and using the link will have the same result. I created a bug report for this issue as well.

I suggest that you utilize the "link" so that you can place a different display text other than the URL.



Thank you! That worked. Seems odd and certainly not intuitive that in the small working area of the window when there are multiple labels for the accordion, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the link popup panel. I struggled with this all week trying to figure it out. The text wrapping of the URL was the alternate solution by placing it as is (not linked) in the body. Displaying the URL is not needed now that the hyperlink is added.

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Thanks Oliver ;-)