help for beginners to develop a new tool



Do you think it's possible to show in youtube the creation of a new library from the beggining or from an existing library which could be customized ?

I think I need to follow a big project from zero to understand the subtleties of h5p.

Unfortunetaly the project "greeting card" is too light for me to understand the relationships between the different libraries and the process of development.

My purpose is to customize the aritmeticquiz library to let the user choose the operation (for instance from a list of additions  : 2 x 6; 3 x 7; 4 x 9)

Than you for your help





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Hi syllabozoo,

Check out Oliver Tacke's videos: (21) H5P Tutorials: Coding Basics Overview - YouTube There are more videos, you'll find them in Oliver's channel.