Advanced Fill in the Blanks

Any news about this awesome content?

is there a plan about WHEN will you guys make it public?

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Hi dourvas,

If you are using the plugin for Moodle, Wordpress or Drupal but Advance Fill in the Blanks is unavailable in the Hub you can simply download the sample content and upload it into your system.


Hello BV,

Thanks for the answer. I am using Wordpress with Learndash LMS.

Can you please be more specific by maybe describing the steps I will have to follow?

I really need this content type. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Dear BV52,

I've got an account on I doenloaded the two 'Advance Fill in the Blanks' from GitHub ( and then tried to upload them to my account. However, this was unsuccessful, as I got the following message: Missing main library H5P.AdvancedBlanks 1.1.

Can't I upload the examples to my account?

Kind regards,



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Hi Bioscience, does not allow installing/updating of libraries. Having said this Advance Fill in the Blanks is not installed in You can check this page for a list of contents that are not available.


found it BV

I downloaded the sample code and uploaded to my WP. I am working right now on it but it seems to be working ok

Thank you so much!!!

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There's also a new release at which hasn't made it to the Examples list on You could also download the examples from GitHub and upload them to your WP.