Using interactions on CLE/CPE/Certifications with Learndash Courses

I'm offering certification courses where it is really important to have the students watching the videos and I would like to build in features that help ensure this.

My Learndash courses mostly use Vimeo videos. I would like to accomplish the following. 

  • No rewinding, fast forwarding, or skipping ahead until the full video has been watched. This is for video player controls and any keyboard shortcuts. 
  • A random word that pops up on the screen at a random time, ideally at the second half of the video, that can be tied to a quiz at the video completion. 

Or do you have other recommendations that can help make sure the users are watching videos?


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Hi bearco,

This should be possible if you use the following settings:

  1. Under Behavioural settings enable the option "Prevent skipping forward in a video"
  2. Add a question a few seconds before the video ends.

This will accomplish 2 things 1st users will not be able to skip the video. Second by adding the question at the end of the video you can ensure that they watched all the way to the end of the video.