iFrame embedder no longer makes responsive pages


I've been using the H5P iFrame embedder to put Google Docs into WP posts. It worked fine until today!
The posts used to display properly on mobile devices -- but the ones I created today don't.

The problem only seems to affect Google Docs. PDF's from Google Drive embedded in iFrames still display correctly.

The embedded Google Doc posts I created a few months ago still worked fine earlier today. Then I noticed there was an update for iFrame embedder so I installed it, thinking that might help. Now all of my iFrames are unresponsive!
As far as I know, I followed the exact same procedure creating the functional ones and the broken ones.

Further examples:


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Hi Luke,

The H5P core team does not recommend using the iFrame embedder anymore. It has issues with accessibility as well as responsiveness.


Is there a better way to embed a google doc in a WP post?

I stumbled upon a fix! 

The google docs that were not loading correctly had a url like:


When I changed it to  https://docs.google.com/file/d/[documentIDstring]/preview they loaded properly!

[ie, change 'document' to 'file' in the URL]