Loadings semantics

I can now upload file on my h5p module on wp.

However, i can't modify it ou create a new one.
When i choose my type of h5p (not for all type) i do not have access to the next step.
...........Loading semantics, please wait................

and nothing else...

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This probably will be solved by the next wordpress release. Do you have any errors in your webserver's error-log? Or do you see any errors in the javascript-console in your browser?

Ok thanks you for your answer, better to know it's normal to not work :)

Do you have idea about the date of the release ?

best regards

*They are this comment on the js console browser :

Using //@ to indicate sourceMappingURL pragmas is deprecated. Use //# instead jquery.js:1
L'utilisation de « getPreventDefault() » est obsolète. Utiliser « defaultPrevented » à la place. jquery.js:3

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Hi Florent,

Hopefully the new version of the H5P plugin for wordpress will be available on wordpress.org today!

The messages you get in the console are only warnings which are expected.

Thank you for reporting this issue!