Moodle with H5P integration - Uploading background images to Drag and Drop - File too large

Hello everyone,

I have H5P installed on my Moodle server. When I try to create drag and drop content I can only upload background images 100k or less. When I try an image larget than 100k, I get the error: The file you are trying to upload might be too large.

My php.ini file is set to:

upload_max_filesize = 20M

post_max_size = 20M

Furthermore, in my Moodle, site settings in security - my max upload size is also set to 20 MB.

I have searched for .htaccess files in the moodle directory and there are none.

Can someone please help me solve this error? Where else might there be file size limit variables?




Upload file sizes are restricted in a number of ways and each one in this list restricts the following ones:

  1. Server level
  2. Moodle site level
  3. Course level
  4. Activity level

Have a look at
Might help :)