Course Presentation not loading in Wordpress

When I updated to the latest version of the H5P plugin for wordpress, I found I'm unable to upload my Course Presentation content. 

It only shows the title field and then: 


There's no place to actually create the content. 

Under Behaviour settings it just says:


Is there a fix or a way to roll back to the previous plugin version?


You can use the wp-plugin "wp-rollback", it offers - very simple - the h5p-plugin v1.4.1. But as result, some newer content won't work correct. Better solution: if you have a backup, you can manually use the folder with the plugin. I did a backup to 1.5.0. and everything is fine.

Hi, I have the same issue. Even after rollback to the v.1.14.1 I am not able to use the course presentation editor.  The editor shows [field:group:coursepresentation:presentation] instead of the editable content.

Do you have any solution for this, @G_71

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Hi all!

This most likely has nothing to do with the plugin, but only with the Course Presentation content type that would need to be installed correctly. That can be done by uploading the sample content from the examples on this page, but you may have to set the H5P plugin into development mode temporarily.

For WordPress, there’s documentation at Essentially, you would add the line

define('H5P_DEV', true);

to your wp-config.php file if you have access to that. Alternatively, you could also add it to the functions.php file of your theme that you should be able to edit from the backend of WordPress in the theme editor, too. But be careful where you put that line there! I have heard of people who just put it on top rendering the PHP invalid and thus crashing their site. It needs to go after <?php. And don't forget to revert this after you are done.