Psychological testing?


We're developing some online psychological testing, and I'm trying to figure out if H5P could work for us.

My first question is: Is H5P still in active development?  I checked the JIRA board, and there are very few tickets being closed.

Now on to the testing part:

  • The tests will be multiple choice (some being radio--can only select one answer, and some would be checkbox--can select multiple answers.)  They will also include free text (e.g. name, concerns, etc.).
  • There are no "right" or "wrong" answers, so the interface shouldn't indicate the person got an answer right or wrong (or that they got a score of 20 "right" out of 35, etc.)
  • We want to be able to ask follow-up questions based on a number of criteria (i.e. answers to previous questions, or answers to a group of questions.).  A test taker would only see them if they met the prerequisites.
  • The text of the questions would potentially change based on answers to previous questions (e.g. "What is your name?" = "John" ==> "What brings you here today, John?")
  • We'd have custom responses based on the answers they gave (e.g. "You're suicidal?  Call 911 please!")
  • The scoring is complicated, so we'd need to do custom work on this--We're going to need to score everything at the end (and ideally, the scoring of the test and the test itself are separate, so that we can iterate on one or the other easily--i.e. it'd be a real pain to have to change the scoring on each question/answer everytime we want to change something.)


What do you think?  Is H5P the right solution?  If not, does anyone know of a project/program that would be better?

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Hi Peterson,

H5P is in development and as a matter of fact we just released several new content types the past few months. Admitedly the core team is a backed up on some of the ticket in Jira but the community chips in with fixes for bugs or new features/contents.

I will leave the decision to you but I will provide as much information I can with the bullet points you provided.

  • This can be achieved by using Quiz (Question Set)
  • Almost all H5P content types have an right/wrong answer and provides scores.
  • This can be done using the Branching Scenario
  • The text will not change from previous answer.
  • Almost all the H5P content types have an option for custom responses depending on the score/responses they gave.
  • H5P is open source so anyone can make changes to the code if needed.


Peterson, were you able to find the right solution? We want to create something simular. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Oh, cool! I like psychological testings. Thank you!

Especially I like those which were used in books. For instance, meanwhile, I read one book and found out secret agents established their own interesting tests which I immediately copied and now show everyone. This is one of those examples when human fantasy can create everything.