Moodle- H5P course presentation


I'm using moodle 3.9.

First. how could I use H5p with mathjax plugin?

And second is I want to write vertically in the H5P course presentation 

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Hi suhee,

For mathematical expressions please check this documentation.

With regards to "write vertically in the H5P course presentation" would you mind elaborating what you mean.


Thank you for your reply,

vertical writing means :

ABC is horizontal,

vertical is:




like this:

Mongolian script - Wikipedia

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Hi suhee,

Thank you for the clarification. I'm afraid Course Presentation or any H5P content type in general does not have this feature.


thanks for the quick answer.

Vertically write means writing the text from top to down

for example: 

Writing – Study Mongolian

regards suhee