H5P no works with WP 5.7.2

h5p no works with wordpress version 5.7.2, using learnpress 4.1.0

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Hi ariadn1!

H5P works just fine on WP 5.7.2 on its own, so have you considered to contact the LearnPress team?


Hello, my version of LearnPress is 4.1.1, and as you can see to insert the content of H5P, you only have to place yourself in the lesson and next to the button to load media appears for the one of H5P, you choose the content you want and that's it !
You can also upload them by pasting the H5P shortcode into the body of the lesson. Review the captures and maybe you can orient yourself more graphically.

Anyway LearnPress has plugins for H5P

Sorry if there are spelling mistakes I used a translator.