looking for developer to customization


If you have done any work on h5p, we have few projects to customize h5p front end. Please email with screenshot or link of your h5p projects to [email protected] 

I'm also looking for h5P developer for customization .. please send email to [email protected] 

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Hi All,

I suggest that you provide some details on what customization, developments you need. A brief description of the work will help developers gauge the complexity of the work as well as the time it will take them to finish it. This should help both parties same some time in back and forth emails.


I want to use H5p  interactions that i created in a video   using h5p wordpresss tool to be used as standalone quiz. for that i want an app  which will take the wordpress table that contains interactions in the video as json. now i want to use the libraries already built by h5p to display those interactions  to user directly as a quiz one by one(with paint the video). you Can say, it's converting h5p interaction to a standalone quiz using builtin libraries. 


We have installed the H5P content plugin on my WordPress website. We need to Integrate the H5P Content in the MVC .NET framework through API. How can we do that? Can you please give me the suggestions?