Personality Quiz

I have two personalities (Indirect Person / Direct Person) and 5 answers which range from 1 Almost always and 5 Never.

In option 3 which is neutral, "Personalities - A comma separated list of personality names associated with this answer". I list both peronalities, but only one is shown when the answer is revealed.

Am I entering this wrong? How should it be entered so the result shows both personalities? Thanks!


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Hi Simon,

The Personality Quiz is only supposed to have one answer. So you can't have multiple answers in the end.

The comma seperated list just gives points to those personalities, when picked, and the personality with the most points in the end wins.

- Tom

Is it possible to give 2 points to one of the personalities for an answer to a question and then give one point to another personality?

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No, you can't do that. Personality Quiz is meant to be very simplistic.

- Tom

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H5P Personality Quiz is indeed simplistic (and, in my opinion, quite useless). It might however be used as a fun activity, to exemplify the concept of "personality quiz". But a real personality quiz needs to be much more sophisticated. If you are using the Moodle platform, the Questionnaire plugin has a "personality" option (but this is not related to H5P).

How many personalities and answers can I use. The program stops at 6. And I need 7 en for another one 8. Can I change that?