Can too many H5P content types slow down the loading page in Brightspace?

Hello H5P community,

I am wondering whether embedding a lot of H5P content types ( for ex., more than 10) might influence the loading speed of a course page and/or the activity itself in Brightpsapce LMS?

Any insights on this matter will be highly appreciated!

Thank you very much,


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Hi Sabina,

This would actually depend on several factors, I've listed some of them below:

  1. Where the content is hosted
  2. Types of contents embeded. If the contents are simple content types such as True/False, Multiple Choice etc. there shouldn't be any problems. However if the contents are the complex contents Course Presentation, Interactive Book etc. you might see some delay in loading. Specially if you have a lot of activites within them.
  3. Number of people accessing the page.
  4. Speed of the connection.
  5. Deviced used