How can I upload an H5P file to LearnWorlds?

I have created an H5P item and now want to upload it to LearnWorlds. When I save it, it does not show an embed code. Can you please tell me how to upload this item?


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Hi Christine,

Depending on where you are creating the content there should be an option to enable the embed button. Once enabled you should see the button at the bottom of the content.


This seems to have worked. The problem was the settings had private instead of public. Once I changed that, the embode code option was activated. Christine

Thanks BV. It seems to have worked. I needed to make the content public in the settings. Then the embode code became an option. Christine 

The issue appeared to be the settings. I had private for publishing instead of public. Once I changed that, the emdeb code was activated. Christine

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Hi Christine,

I'm glad you found the solution :-)