Anonymous user can't access interactive content

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I used H5P to create interactive content on drupal7. So, I can't access content as anonymous user.

How to config for anonymous user can access interactive content?

Please help me!

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Hello, there are several things that can keep your users from seeing the content. One thing is how you are displaying the content. If you are embedding your H5P content into pages or content types that anonymous users do not have access to, then it will not show up.  

If they are in content types that anonymous users have access to, I would check your permissions for the anonymous roles.  
What I have done in the past is create a specific content type for H5P interactives and granted anonymous users that access. 

 If you are having a mix of content types that you don't want users to see but want the H5P be accessible, you can take a look at the Content Access module it is in "Beta" but has proven to work very well for us. 

Hope that helps 

I used content_access and set interactive content for anonymous user, however it not working. Anonymous user can access interactive content by take, but they can't access directly to interactive content. When i open table node_access and modify interactive content node with gid = 1 to gid =0 and realm = quiz_question to realm = all. So, Anonymous user can access directly to interactive content.

1. I want set gid = 0 and realm = all when create new interactive content, but i can't do it. How to do that?

2. I created a role as editor. Editor can create, edit and delete any content. It work well. However, when I try edit interactive content with editor, the title of interactive conent was loss. I don't know why? So, i modified with admin the title didn't loss.

How to solve this problem.

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Seems your problem is related to Quiz_h5p. Are you using quiz 4 or quiz 5? Have you tried rebuilding permissions in Drupal?

I have a few interactive content items in  Drupal 7, some of which I wanted to use as quiz questions and others I want anonymous users to access as tutorials without entering a quiz (as standalone content).

I'm using Quiz_h5P integration for Drupal 7 as well as the H5PEDITOR and H5P modules for drupal 7. 

What seems to happen is that unless I expose the interactive content as a question, anonymous users can't access it.  We want interactive content both inside a quiz and outside of a quiz.

Please advise on how to make this work permanently and automatically for new nodes based on the interactive content type.

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Right now I think there is a permission in the Quiz module called "show quiz question outside quiz" or something like that. I believe roles with that permission may access H5Ps outside of quizzes, but I'm not sure. Let me know if that is a possible solution for your problem. It will reveal all your questions outside quizzes, not only H5P.

This fixed the issue .