Embedding in Sharepoint Office 365


We currently are using H5p.com, but the same issue is from H5p hosted locally on drupal. When we get an embed code from H5P and embed into Sharepoint of Office 365 we receive the following error:

Embedding content from this website isn’t allowed, but your admin can change this setting. They will need to add ‘h5p.com’ to the list of sites that are allowed.

On investigation I have seen and we have tested this particular solution however it has to be done site by site and we have thousands and it is not ideal.

Steps to allow per site:

1. Enable Custom Scripts

Enable custom script on SharePoint sites using powershell

2. Allow embeds, whitelisting H5p.com


Sharepoint on Office 365 appear to be discouraging the use of custom Scripts... so my question is, how have others managed this? Are there any other solutions for whitelisting h5p content?



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Hi Emily,

As far as I know this is the only way to do this, not unless there is someone in the community that has implemented the something similar. In this case any suggestions/tips would be welcome.


Hello, I would like to contact Ehocking and know what happened, in a week I will have that problem, I need to work in Microsoft's Sharepoint